how we work


knowing where you are heading helps you step over the hurdles that everyday life puts in your way.

A financial plan is about knowing the destination you seek, your starting position and actively working through each step to keep you on the right road. Completion of each step will build your financial foundations and confidence.

Helpful and friendly. The funds and strategies Naomi has advised on are working well, and ensure market factors well beyond Naomi’s control don’t affect our funds too dramatically. Our retirement should be very comfortable.
— Rob


  1. Initial Financial roadmap consultation – establishing the high level overview of what is important to you and your current financial baseline, your whole picture.
  2. Research – the triage, organisation, investigation, and analysis 
  3. Strategise – determining the most suitable course to achieve what you want in life  
  4. Preparing the plan – the course of action required and prioritising the strategies
  5. Implementation - the steps to reach your goals and objectives
  6. Progress meetings –  monitor and benchmark your progression towards your goals at regular intervals to maintain accountability and achievability